College Goal Sunday Event Details!

College Goal Sunday, Indiana’s largest FAFSA filing event, will be held virtually on October 25th, 2020 from 2 – 4pm (EDT).  FAFSA filing experts from all across Indiana will be available during the event to help all attendees with filing their FAFSA.

On October 25th anyone wishing to file their FAFSA with free expert help simply needs to come to this page ( and click on the link to the virtual event that will be placed right here.  It’s that simple.  Come to this page on October 25th between 2 – 4pm (EDT), click the link, and join the virtual event!

For the best filing experience, working from a computer/laptop on the 25th is highly recommended. 

For information on what to have available during College Goal Sunday please take a look at the “What You Need” checklist. 

We look forward to seeing Hoosier families virtually from all across Indiana as College Goal Sunday enters its 32nd year!

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